Botanical Expertise

Pierre Fabre

50 years of expertise and a strong commitment to responsible development of our plant actives, respect for the environment, for the efficiency and the safety of all our products.


Speaking of the Pierre Fabre Phytofilière®

Pierre Fabre Phytofilière® is a chain of expertise dedicated to nature.

This unique structure guarantees an original process of quality and traceability, from the research of the principal active ingredient to the elaboration of the final product.





From research to the final product

In practice, the Phytofilière® is composed of 5 major steps that are indispensable to master all of the parameters that could affect the quality of the plants and the products that derive from it:

1. Research of natural substances

2. Selection of seeds and experimental culture

3. Agricultural production

4. Fabrication of the extracts

5. Fabrication of the final product

Via this Phytofilière®, the Laboratoires Pierre Fabre would like to guarantee to the consumer products which in quality and safety are ensured by this rigorous control chain observed from the identification of an active ingredient to its integration in the final product.


The EFQM label: Excellence in performance

In 2010, the Pierre Fabre Laboratories obtain the European Label of engagement towards Excellence EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) attributed by the AFNOR Group for their botanical expertise.  

We are very proud of being the first European company in dermo-cosmetics and pharmaceutics that has been awarded this label. 





Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre – new dimensions to take in the future

The awarded Phytofilière® becomes Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre. The Pierre Fabre Laboratories reaffirm their commitment to responsibly develop plant-based active ingredients that are both safe and efficient. The 4 major steps of this commitment are:

  • Continuous innovation
  • Preservation of biodiversity
  • Guaranteed quality and efficiency of all of our plant-based active
  • Respect mankind

 Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre is a major element of the strategy of sustainable development of the Pierre Fabre Group.