Let’s protect our environment

The respect of the environment is a core value of Pierre Fabre Laboratories and the A-Derma brand in particular.


We feel responsible for nature

1. Safe and efficient innovative active ingredients stemming from the Pierre Fabre Botanical Expertise labeled approach,

2. At the source of these active ingredients : A unique plant, Rhealba® Oat, grown exclusively in south-western France, on selected and fully dedicated lands, and by the organic farming standards: Pesticides-free, fungicide-free and GMO-free;

3. A parsimonious use of water: Farming that requires less water and an optimized cooling system on our manufacturing site (10% less consumption);

4. Our production center is located close to the crops and certified "High Environmental Quality" (a first in the world of dermo-cosmetics);

5. 99% of waste material based on fabrication processes of our products are recycled;

6. 100% of vegetable garbage is composted;

7. 100% of cardboard and paper wrapping result from eduring forest ecossystem managementusively in south-western France.