Let’s protect our environment

A-DERMA has expanded the idea of respect beyond skin care by advocating a code of ethics in harmony with both humans and nature and places this ecological and human commitment at the heart of its activities.


A-DERMA is proud to be made entirely in France

From the crops to the finished products, everything is produced in France, locally in the South West.









It supports people

Rhealba® Oat farming provides work for the South West region. The cultivation of crops is entrusted to local farmers.


It protects the environment

Rhealba® Oat is cultivated according to organic farming standards with sustainable development in mind; it consumes little water; everything is produced locally to limit the carbon footprint; the oat pomace obtained during extraction is used to fuel the Soual plant, the only French cosmetic factory equipped with a biomass boiler. Lastly, the A-DERMA brand is involved in a local carbon neutral program that plants forest hedges (presented at COP 21).