• Non cleansing
  • Non foaming
250 ml

Emollient care for very dry and atopic skin. In addition to emollient skin care. Non-cleansing, non-foaming. Infants, children, adults.

  • Additional to emollient skin care
  • Soothes and softens skin
Is it for me?

I have very dry and atopic skin and I am looking to complete my skin care to sooth my skin.
For atopic skin : PO SCORAD

How to use it?

2 applications per day, after washing. Face and body.


Rhealba® Oat Plantlets Extract → Calms irritations and soothes the skin

Filaxérine®, a unique combination of ingredients that induces filaggrin and omega-6 essential fatty acids →  Helps restore the cutaneous barrier

Glycerine → Hydrates the skin

A word from the Dermatologist

"Bathing gives your child the opportunity to relax. 5 to 10 minutes, not longer in order to avoid drying out the skin. The temperature of the water should not be warmer than 32°C or 33°C. Do not rinse-off, dry the skin without rubbing."  

My A-DERMA skin care ritual

1I clean my skin
2I take care of my skin
3I take care of my skin in winter
4I complete my skin care program