Exomega D.E.F.I Emollient Balm

Exomega D.E.F.I Emollient Balm
  • Paraben-free
  • Preservative-free
  • Fragrance-free
200 ml

The only STERILE emollient care with active plant extracts that contains only the most essential ingredients to reduce dryness and calm irritations in atopic and very dry skin.   

  • rich, ultra-emollient texture  
  • moisturizes, protects and provides long-lasting relief from dryness
  • infants, children, adults 

Is it for me?

I have atopic or very dry skin and prefer a rich, non greasy texture that I could use in winter.  
For atopic skin : PO SCORAD

How to use it?

1 - 2 applications per day. After each use, remove any excess product from the cap and close the tube. The cap may change color in use, but this does not affect product quality. You may have to press a little harder on the tube than on a conventional tube for the product to come out. This is normal.



Rhealba® Oat Plantlets Extract → calm skin irritations 
"Filaxérine® (association of Omega 6 essential fatty acids and an original filaggrin-inducing agent) → helps rebuild the skin barrier 
Vitamine B3 → helps rebuild the skin barrier 
A word from the Dermatologist

"As a complementary care to your emollient cream, you can use an adapted hygiene care product for very dry skin which will gently cleanse while soothing and compensating for your cutaneous dryness."

My A-DERMA skin care ritual

1I clean my skin
2I take care of my skin
3I take care of my skin in winter
4I complete my skin care program

Exomega D.E.F.I Emollient Balm