A-DERMA Dermatological Laboratories

Dermatological expertise … naturally

A pioneer in plant-based dermo-cosmetics, A-DERMA Dermatological Laboratories has cultivated the art of caring for and nurturing fragile skin for more than 30 years thanks to a unique ingredient, Rhealba® Oat.


When nature opens a new path…

At the heart of A-DERMA, the unique and exclusive ingredient Rhealba® Oat is found, produced according to the extremely rigorous specifications of "Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre” a certified responsible development approach that reproduces a plant-based ingredient’s maximum effectiveness in the most environmentally friendly way possible.









Our mission

Naturally nurturing, A-DERMA cares for and protects all fragile skin daily. A-DERMA has expanded the idea of respect beyond skin care by advocating a code of ethics in harmony with both humans and nature and places this ecological and human commitment at the heart of its activities.








A rigorous formulation Charta

Effectiveness, quality and maximum safety with formulas that minimize the risks of allergies and, when necessary, use Sterile Cosmetics technology to offer completely sterile care products free of preservatives. These guarantees have earned A-DERMA the recommendation of dermatologists and pediatricians for over 30 years.












A brand that is appreciated by health professionals

Appreciated by health professionals all over the world for our profound knowledge of atopic and irritated skin, we extend our expertise, targeting fragile and delicate skin of the entire family.












Why fragile and delicate skin?

Fragile skin: their skin balance is permanently threatened by daily stress (unsuitable skin care products for your skin type, irritating procedures, climatic stress…)

Delicate skin: they express themselves by visible, unpleasant reactions