Rhealba® Oat

A true plant-based treasure

Dermatological oat is found at the heart of A-DERMA, an exceptional ingredient that rebalances, soothes and replenishes fragile skin.
Rhealba® Oat, the DERMAtological OAT, rebalances, soothes and replenishes fragile skin. This triple effectiveness, combined with optimum tolerance, has made this unique and exclusive ingredient the hallmark of A-DERMA. 


A treasure, why?

30 years of expertise and more than 50 studies on over 20,000 subjects have made it THE standard for protecting and caring for fragile skin and THE standard for every family, since all of us will experience fragile skin at some point in our lives. Rhealba® Oat is produced locally under meticulously controlled conditions; from the crops to the finished products, A-DERMA leaves nothing to chance!


Precise timing

Rhealba® Oat Plantlets reach their maximum concentration of active molecules after 12 weeks. The teams then have a maximum of 7 days to harvest these highly effective crops.






A demanding harvest

15 tons of oats are harvested for every hectare, which represents 100 kg of  unique ingredients. It must be performed quickly since Rhealba® Oat Plantlets cannot withstand more than one hour in transit. They only spend 20 minutes in the truck, which transports them only a short distance to the drying site.





A highly protected drying process

It will take two days for the oats to dry. The environment: perforated concrete floor, 45°C air blower, regular mixing and then grinding.


Carefully controlled extraction

Ground and dried, Rhealba® Oat Plantlets pass through an extractor containing solvents. Once heated and mixed, an oat pomace is produced which, after the solvents have been concentrated and evaporated, is THE source of active ingredients. At this precise moment, the proteins that would irritate reactive skin are removed from the Rhealba® Oat Plantlet extract.


Safe production

A-DERMA products are produced in a 3,2000 m2 plant in the Tarn in the south of France. Once the ingredients are mixed, the products are placed into sterile tanks; then, they pass through the packaging chain, where the tubes are inflated with air to avoid any contamination.

As a result, the Rhealba® Oat Plantlet has won the unanimous support of researchers for its standardised concentration of anti-irritant molecules and wealth of repairing and rebalancing ingredients, all systematically validated by 27 control points.